Victoria's Secret

Full-time Freelance Copywriter

Responsible for lingerie, beauty, sport, and credit card DTC copy. Focused on email, banners, and direct mail. Assisted on social media.


Subject Line: Sport With Support 

Preheader: Get them now with free shipping on all bras

Date: 4.6.21

Subject Line: We've Got Your Back 

Preheader: Bras that are impressive from every angle

Date: 4.9.21

Subject Line: One-piece Wonders

Preheader: All about teddies

Date: 3.28.21

Subject Line: V-Day Mood: Cozy Couture 

Preheader: Psst, last day for $14.50 slippers & $39.50 robes

Date: 2.8.21

Direct mailer

Direct Mailer kicking off Cardmember Month that gives Victoria Credit Cardmembers special deals and bonus rewards. Also includes messaging for a sneak peek into the new summer collection.

Supporting Copy: With warmer days ahead, we're spending Cardmember Month celebrating you with exclusive content and offers.

Subheader: Discover everything April has to offer when you use your Victoria Credit Card

Supporting Copy: The best is yet to come, but start celebrating now with these early offers.

Headline: Keep Your Eyes On Email

Supporting: There's more to come all month long. Sign up, stay tuned, and don't miss a thing. 

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